Micro RIC 312

Open Fit hearing aids have a flexible tip that fits deep within the ear canal and does not require a custom molding process. The tip is usually vented to allow natural sound to enter the ear canal and prevent the "head in the barrel" sensation that can occur when the canal is plugged with a custom shell.

They are large enough for patients with dexterity issues to handle with ease, and powerful enough to compensate for even severe hearing loss. The hearing device is housed in a curved shell that sits behind the ear while the clear tube hooks over the ear and the small receiver on the end sits all the way inside the ear canal making it nearly undetectable. RIC hearing aids typically uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

Mini receiver in canal hearing aids provide the power of a traditional RIC, but are housed in smaller curved shell. With the clear tube that hooks over the ear and the diminished size of the shell, these hearing aids are virtually invisible. Patients with dexterity issues may have difficulty operating this smaller size. Mini RIC hearing aids typically uses size 10 hearing aid batteries.

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