Hearing Clinics. An Overview

Every hearing impairment can be treated today. Modern digital hearing aids are designed to help people get more out of life. Make an appointment with us to help ease the anxiety.

  1. Schedule an Appointment
    You can either call us at +91 99456 11100 / contact us by e-mail, or click here for a free consultation.. Our friendly Patient Care Coordinator will speak with you to determine the type of care you might need - hearing checkup, hearing aid repair or diagnostic hearing evaluation. He or she will then schedule you to come and meet with one of our expert hearing professionals.
  2. Welcome and basic check up
    Our hearing professional will conduct a painless visual examination of the ear to see if there are any obstructions or infections that might affect your hearing. If a condition requiring medical treatment is detected, you will be referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. Our hearing professional will also perform a series of tests to determine if you will benefit from hearing aids.
  3. Hearing Evaluations
    A hearing professional uses an audiometer to conduct testing. This equipment emits sounds or tones, like musical notes, at various frequencies and at differing volumes or decibel levels. Testing is usually done in a soundproof testing room. Each ear is tested separately because sensitivity to sound often differs from one ear to the other.
    When you consider all the benefits of better hearing, you can see that hearing aids hold great potential to positively change your life.
  4. Hearing Aid Demonstration
    Based upon your level of hearing loss, your hearing specialist will recommend a hearing solution that best fits your lifestyle, hearing loss severity, cosmetic preferences and budget. The specialist will fit you with a set of custom programmed hearing aids to demonstrate the improved hearing that you could expect with your new aids.
  5. Hearing Aid Selection
    We are proud to sell, fit and service some of the finest and most advanced hearing aids ever. You can get a general idea of the types of hearing aids available today before your appointment
  6. Hearing Aid Fitting
    Since your level of hearing loss is unique to you, each hearing aid needs to be programmed and fine-tuned to ensure that you are receiving the very best results from your hearing aids. When you arrive for your fitting, your hearing professional will place the hearing aids in your ears and program them to the settings that ensure you are getting the very best results.
  7. Follow Up
    Your hearing specialist will schedule a follow up visit at that time you will have an opportunity to discuss your experiences with your new hearing aids. This is a rehabilitative process, so it is common to need fine tuning as you try your new hearing aids in the various listening environments most important to you
  8. Enjoy!

    And that's it! Now that your hearing aids have been fine tuned to your satisfaction, you can go about your life hearing those sounds you have been missing out on and enjoying those relationships that mean the most to you.

We offer:

Free hearing evaluations
1 week trial period (depending on area)
2 year full service warranty with loss and damage coverage on most hearing aids
Free in-office repairs, cleanings and adjustments for life

Helping you afford the joy joy of hearing

We know that hearing is a critical part of enjoying meaningful relationships and the last thing you want standing between you and the ones you love is money. That is why HHCC AS is pleased to offer a variety of payment options for a variety of budgets. Contact us to discover which one is best for you!

There are many ways to pay for your hearing aids. Most of our patients pay using the following methods:
Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Cheques / Cash